10 craft fares to participate in this year

10 craft fares to participate in this year

India is a land of colors, diversity, and culture. With countries swarming with festivals that bring in people from the world over to enjoy the festivities and reach euphoric heights, India is storming ahead in the festival arena with its grand, unique, and immersive art festivals, that only increase and improve with every passing year.


  1. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Started in 1999 by Kala Ghoda Association as a way to promote and preserve the heritage of South Mumbai, the KGA festival has now assumed a life of its own. Today it has become a complete exhibit of Indian art forms including theatre and concerts, street art, awe-inspiring installations, causes to support, local flavours.


  1. Ellora- Ajanta International Festival - It is a festival, comprising of folk performing arts and music, local food, and exhibits, for sale, by local artisans, is held in Soneri Mahal, a palace built in the 1650s, with its grandeur adding an alluring charm to the festivities.

  1. Surajkund Mela - This is of the most significant and most awaited and multi-cultural art festivals of India, witnessing millions of visitors, both, Indian and international, every year. Started in 1987, and continuing with multiplied glory and grandeur till this day, the festival, today, is organised by the Haryana Government in collaboration with Surajkund Mela Authority.

    4. Indian Air Fair - This relatively new festival launched in 2008, has galloped its way to fame, with its beautiful arts and culture exhibit, which includes paintings, art installations, theatre and other performing arts, regional films, and interactive programs, among others. The festival sees participation from the leading galleries and artists from Asia, Europe, the USA, and South America.

  1. Bengaluru International Arts Festival - This annual festival goes a step further than others in promoting local artists by, apart from showcasing the talents, also donating a part of the funds raised to Arogyadhara, a welfare fund for artists. You can expect to experience Indian and international classical, folk and contemporary music and dance, Indian and foreign bands? Concerts and theatre, and participate in tree plantation drive to increase the green cover of the city and give back to the society.
  2. Cartist Automobile Art Festival And Yatra -CARTIST brings automobile and arts together to create a spectacular fusion that will leave you wide-eyed. At this festival, different types of arts and crafts are displayed by the people.
  3. Taj Mahotsav - If you wish to see the local handicrafts, handlooms, craftsmanship, and woodwork from every single part of India under one roof, then this is the festival to visit. Held at Shilpgram, a tourist village, at the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal, the 10-day long festival provides a breath-taking sneak peek into the rich cultural heritage of India.
  4. 8. Jaipur Literature Festival -This festival is a congregation of some of the best writers and thinkers from across the world, meeting once a year at Jaipur, and sharing their thoughts in an open discussion with the audience. You can expect book readings, book launches, profound discussions, and questionnaires on ideas, paradigms, and philosophies, while also pleasing your senses and enriching your love for Indian traditional arts with beautiful folk dances and mellifluous performances.
  5. St+Art Festival - Conceptualized in 2014 by five co-founders with different backgrounds but a shared burning desire to transform the crippling and drab infrastructural landscape of the country, they set out to paint Shahpur Jat locality of Delhi, and after that, there was no turning back. Today, they have painted awe-inspiring, larger-than-life portraits of Mahatma Gandhi on Government buildings, colourful sketches on many, many walls, converted weak areas to ones of resounding beauty, plainly with a brush and cans of paint, and the help of volunteers.


  1. Lucknow Mahotsav - It is a 10-day festival filled with colorful performances, sumptuous food, several exciting competitions, and entertainment. The theme of this year is Shaan-E-Awadh-Jashn-E-Lucknow. This event is a celebration of the city's rich culture and a display of the traditional plays, Sitar and Sarangi recitals, Thumri, ghazal, and Qawali nights, lively processions, and Kathak dance performances from artists of Lucknow Gharana. There are also performances by Celebrities, famous artists and old classical singers. If you are interested in poetry, you can attend Kavi Sammelan and Mushayara and enjoy the performances of national and local poets and shayars.

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