5 gift ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2023

5 gift ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2023

India is a country with different varieties of cultures and a plethora of festivals. Among all the festivals celebrated in India, one festival which celebrates the bond between brother and sister is Raksha Bandhan.

        In today’s dynamic scenario when everyone is busy in their hectic work life and most brothers and sisters can’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan together then digital media and online apps have started to spread the love between those people by selling customized and personalised gifts for the loved ones who stay in our hearts but are far away from us.

The problems due to which brothers and sisters could not celebrate the festival together could be due to jobs in other cities, studying in any other city, etc. To make them feel connected and cherish the bond between them online shopping apps and sites have started to provide different types of products (personalised and customized) to it’s customers.

                The different types of products which could be given by a sister to her brother include the following:

1.Rakhi with a personalized coffee mug.
Material of Coffee Mug – Ceramic, as ceramic mugs are highly durable.

Sublimation printing is good for ceramic mugs due to its smooth surface.

This could be a very good gift for the loved one as what’s better than a mug of coffee to start your day.

2.Cushion with the image of the brother/ sister printed on it.

Material – Poly cotton or Polyester fabric

Sublimation Printing is a good choice for this type of product.

The cushions are Recron-filled.

Dimension – 12 inch x 12 inch


3.Chocolates with a gift card with some beautiful message engraved on it.

The special occasion becomes more special when we give someone chocolates as a gift. Along with chocolates, we provide a gift card with your message engraved on it. 

4.Personalised collage of old pics, which could be a memory to cherish forever.

To cherish your old memories with your loved ones, we provide a collage with your pics.

5.Fridge Magnet with your photo on it

Large size fridge magnet keeps memories alive forever whenever you open door of your fridge.


Article Credits : Prateek Srivastava , Chandigarh University


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