Silhouette Cameo 4 and Graphtec CE7000 plotter

Silhouette Cameo 4 and Graphtec CE7000 plotter

A plotter is a machine that makes graphical drawings. This machine is used to draw lines on paper with the help of a pen or by some other means.

The Silhouette Cameo 4 and the Graphtec CE7000 plotter are popular options for cutting plotters. Though both the products share similarities, there are also some key differences between the two. Here's a comparison of their features:

  1. Cutting Size and Force:
    • Silhouette Cameo 4: It offers a cutting width of up to 12 inches and a cutting force of 5 kg.
    • Graphtec CE7000: It provides a wider cutting width, typically ranging from 15 to 24 inches, and a higher cutting force, often up to 4.41 lbs (2 kg) or more.
  2. Material Compatibility:
    • Silhouette Cameo 4: It can handle a wide range of materials, including vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer material, and more.
    • Graphtec CE7000: It is also versatile and can handle various materials like vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, rhinestone templates, paint masks, and more.
  3. Software and Design:
    • Silhouette Cameo 4: It comes with the Silhouette Studio software, which offers a user-friendly interface and design tools. It allows you to create or import your designs and has a vast library of pre-made designs.
    • Graphtec CE7000: It uses the Cutting Master 4 software, which is designed specifically for Graphtec plotters. It offers advanced features and compatibility with design software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.
  4. Precision and Speed:
    • Silhouette Cameo 4: It provides good precision and speed for most hobby and small-scale projects.
    • Graphtec CE7000: It is known for its exceptional precision, accuracy, and speed, making it a preferred choice for professional and commercial applications.
  5. Additional Features:
    • Silhouette Cameo 4: It has a dual carriage system, which allows us to perform two tasks simultaneously, such as sketching and cutting. It also has a built-in roll feeder and cross-cutter for working with rolled materials.
    • Graphtec CE7000: It offers advanced features like an automatic registration mark sensor, tangential emulation mode, and advanced tool settings.

Overall, the choice between both the products depends on our specific needs and budget. The Silhouette Cameo 4 is suitable for small businesses, or those on a tighter budget, offering a good balance of features and affordability. On the other hand, the Graphtec CE7000 is a professional-grade plotter with enhanced precision, speed, and material handling capabilities, making it ideal for commercial use or demanding projects.

Article Credits; Prateek Srivastava. Chandigarh University



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